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Unformatted text preview: Presentation on URBAN TRANSPORTATION PLAN FOR MEERUT CITY Presentation by: Meerut Development Authority Meerut City – An Overview Meerut Historical city - dating back to Ramayana and Mahabharata. In 1806 the cantonment was established. Declared as District HQ in 1818. The birth place of the Indian mutiny of 1857. It is the largest town in Western Uttar Pradesh. Second largest city under NCR. Headquarter of Meerut division comprising five districts. Population Growth Trend Population Urban Population of approximately 12 lacs in year 2001. Meerut Urban Area has relatively higher growth rate (38%) than UP State (26%) Meerut District had negative growth rate in last decade. Higher load on Infrastructure Sector in Urban Area. Need of Modern and Efficient Road & Transportation Plan. Need to have smoother links with other developed NCR Urban centres. Roads and Vehicles Characteristics Road length -- Cantonment Board (65 kms.) Road length -- Municipal Corporation (970 kms.) Vehicular Distribution in 2008 2008 Year Vehicular Distribution in Year Roads and Highways account for 7.76 % of the total city area. 0. 05% 0. 50% Scoot er / B i ke 18. 88% Car s / J eep 0. 99% Road density is 7.01 km/ B us T r uc k T r ac t or s 8. 94% Ot her s 70. 64% Two National Highways - 58 & 119 pass through Meerut city. Year 2001 202887 Year 2008 Mode of No. of Vehicle Vehicles Annual Average Vehicular Growth Annual Avg. Vehicular Growth No. of Vehicles 400000 Scooter / Bike 256630 Cars / Jeep 32488 Bus 1805 150000 Truck 3610 100000 Tractors 68586 50000 Others 190 Total 363309 350000 2002 2003 217985 246922 300000 250000 200000 2004 251101 2005 271207 2008 363309 363309 (Estimated) (Estimated) 0 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2008 Annual average increase of vehicles on roads is approximately 8% (2001-2005). Two wheelers share on roads is more than two-third of total volume of vehicles. Location & Regional Linkages Proposed Outer Ring Road Proposed Meerut Expressway Proposed Dedicated Rail Freight Corridor Proposed Dadri – Hapur Expressway Proposed Eastern Peripheral Expressway Proposed Ganga Proposed Expressway Proposed Taj Expressway The proposed Peripheral Expressway under NCR Plan connects it to the proposed Delhi-Meerut Expressway. It will have substantial impact on the infrastructure development in Meerut city. Meerut Development Area Meerut To Haridwar (NH) To Sardhana (ODR) To Badaut (ODR) To Baghpat & Panipat (SH) To Delhi (NH) To Bijnor (NH) To Parikshitgarh (ODR) To Garh & Moradabad (SH) To Hapur & Bulandsheher (SH) Traffic Issues Need to be Addressed Traffic Need Addressed Existence of Transport Nagar and Bus Terminals Existence in core of the city. Missing links on Inner Ring Road. Missing Absence of R.O.B’s and Flyovers. Absence Inadequate road widths. Inadequate Inadequate Public Transport System. Inadequate Lack of parking facilities. Lack Encroachments on Right of Ways. Encroachments Existing Road Network Existing Proposed Proposed Inner Ring Road National Highway Municipal Boundary NH 58 State Highway and ODR 19 H1 N Rail Track NH 58 All the National, State Highways and other District Roads carry heavy vehicular traffic inside the city area. Zero Mile Junction Immediate need assessed for construction of Proposed Inner Ring Road. Bus Terminal 1- Delhi Adda Bus Existence in Core of the City. Proposed to be shifted as per Master Plan. Bus Terminal 2 - Garh Adda Bus This existing Bus Terminus is also located in congested area of the city on Garhmuktheshar road. So it is proposed to be shifted as per Master Plan proposal. Existing Bus Terminals and Transport Nagar Existing Begum Bridge Ambala Bus Stand Mawana Bus Stand Existing Bus Terminals (Two) Delhi Bus Terminus Hapur Bus Stand Garh Bus Terminus Temporary Bus Stands (Four) Transport Nagar Existing Transport Nagar Baghpat Bus Stand (One) Tejgari Crossing Phase wise proposals of new Terminals Phase Outer RR Existing Bus Terminals (Two) Roorkee Rd. Temporary Bus Terminals (Four) Proposed Bus Terminals Zero Mile Jn. Bijnor Rd. Phase 1 (Four) (Cost – 60 Cr.) Phase 2 (Two) (Cost – 40 Cr.) BY- Pass Existing Transport Nagar (One) Proposed Transport Nagar Garh Rd. Phase 1 (One) (Cost – 40 Cr.) Phase 2 (One) (Cost – 40 Cr.) Baghpat Rd. Inner RR Delhi Rd. Hapur Rd. Total Estimated Cost of above works= 180 Crores Widening/Strengthening of Roads Widening/Strengthening Proposed Inner Ring Road By-Pass (NH-58) By(NHWork in progress by NHAI Roads identified for improvement 1- Delhi Road (10.72 km) 2- Hapur Road (12.16 km) Zero Mile Jn. Jn. Baghpat Road Bijnor Road 3- Garh Road (9.60 km) 4- Bijnor Road (9.84 km) 5- Baghpat Road (8.32 km) Garh Road Total Length = 50.64 km. Total Estimated Cost = 125 Cr. Widening & Strengthening in progress by NHAI Delhi Road Hapur Road Proposed Outer Ring Road Widening & Strengthening proposed by MDA. Missing Links – Inner and Outer Ring Roads Missing Proposed Inner Ring Road Project in process to be taken by NHAI Proposed 100m Outer Ring Road Missing Links of 45m Inner Ring Rd Strengthening of 45m Inner Ring Rd Zero Mile Jn. Jn. 6-laning in Progress of 76m NH-58 by NHAI The length of the outer ring road is The 68 km. and will have controlled access and grade separations on all intersections. Missing Links on Inner RR Proposed Outer Ring Road There is immediate need of construction of missing links and widening of existing segments of 37 km long inner ring road to reduce the stress on city roads. Flyovers and ROBs Flyovers Existing ROBs (Two) Rail Track Proposed ROBs (Five) (90Cr.) Flyovers under const. by NHAI Begum Bridge (Zero Mile Jn) Jn) Proposed Flyovers (Ten) (180 Cr.) Existing ROBs are at Partapur Existing on Delhi Road and near Transport Nagar on Baghpat Road. Three Flyovers are under Three construction by NHAI at three strategic intersections on DelhiRoorkee Bypass road. Proposed Inner Ring Rd Other than Four flyovers on Other Inner R.R., Two flyovers have been proposed centrally inside the city because of heavy stress and availability of ROW at those sections. Critical Intersections in City 1 Begumpul Chaupla 2 Baccha Park Chaupla 3 Hapur Adda Chaupla 4 Eves Chaupla 5 Kchahari Chaupla 6 Nauchandi Chaupla 7 GhantaGhar Chaupla 8 Bagpat Chaupla 9 Bhumiapul Chaupla 10 Bus Stand Chaupla 11 Thapar Nagar Chaupla 12 Jail Road Chaupla 13 Commissionery Chaupla 14 Sardhana Bus Adda Chaupla Inadequate Carriageway (width), Poor Geometrics, Hawking and Encroachment, On Street Parking & Heavy Pedestrian Movement. Critical Intersection - Begum Bridge Critical Can be improved by Traffic lights. Traffic islands One way traffic. Zero Mile Multi Junction Restricted UTurns Overhead Signage Subways. Begum Bridge Multi Junction Critical Parking Areas Critical …….Contd. …… Road Name Metro Plaza Hapur Crossing Tejgari Crossing P.L. Sharma Road 9 5 10 5 Baghpat Road 14 7 14 7 12 6 9 6 Gola kuan Road 9 6 14 9 Sharda Road Railway Stat5ion 5 Garh Road Jai Chungi 9 Shatri Marg Ghanta Ghar 6 Lal Kurti Road Bacha Park 10 Budhana Gate Road Collectorate 9 Roorkee Road Sadar 14 Abulane Rohta Road Available Carriageway (in m) Hapur Road Begum Bridge Constructed Carriageway (in m) Delhi Road Kankarkhera 10 5 Brahampuri Road 10 5 Ghanta Ghar 14 9 Sites identified for Multi-level Parking Sites Abu Nala Lal Kurti Abu Lane P.L. Sharma Road •The encroached and open spaces amidst the built mass have been identified in this area for multilevel parking. •These areas comes under cantonment board. Permission is needed to be taken from the board. For Lal Kurti, P.L. Sharma Road and Abu Lane Commercial Areas …….Contd. Delhi Bus Terminus Gymkhana Ground For Bacha Park and Delhi Road Commercial Areas •Since Delhi Bus Terminus will be shifted so its area can also be used for centralized parking for dense Delhi Road and Sadar commercial streets. •Gymkhana Playground may be shifted to Victoria Park and other private site can be acquired for multilevel parking on BOT system. Metro Rail – Phase 1 Roorkee Road Corridor 1 Length – 7 km Zero Mile Jn. Cantonment City Railway Station Commissioner Residence Collectorate Cost - 770 Cr. Corridor 2 Length – 1.75 km Cost - 175 Cr. CCS University Delhi Bus Terminus Corridor 3 Length – 3.75 km Cost - 375 Cr. Hapur Crossing Delhi Road Corridor 4 Length – 4 km Cost - 400 Cr. Shatabdi Nagar Medical College Total Length – 16.5 Km Total Cost – 1720 Cr. Metro Rail – Phase 2 Metro Outer RR Roorkee Road Modi Rubber Pallavpuram Sardhana Road Inner RR CCS University Corridor 5 Length – 9 km Cost – 900 Cr. ByPass Corridor 6 Length – 3 km Cost – 300 Cr. Begum Bridge / Zero Mile Tejgari Crossing Hapur Road Shastri Nagar Corridor 5 Length – 9 km Cost – 900 Cr. Total Cost – 1200 Cr. Corridor 6 Length – 3 km Cost – 300 Cr. Metro Rail - All Corridors Metro Metro Rail Corridors Outer Ring Road Metro Rail Corridor 5 Phase 1 Corridor 1 (7.00 Km) Metro Rail Corridor 2 Corridor 2 (1.75 Km) Corridor 3 (3.75 Km) Begum Bridge Corridor 4 (4.00 Km) Metro Rail Corridor 1 Metro Rail Corridor 3 Total Length – 16.5 Km. Total Cost – 1720 Cr. Metro Rail Corridor 4 Phase 2 Corridor 5 (9.00 Km) Metro Rail Corridor 6 Delhi – Roorkee By Pass Corridor 6 (3.00 Km) Total Length – 12 Km. Inner Ring Road Total Cost – 1200 Cr. Estimated Project Cost Estimated S.No Items Quantity (a) Proposed Inner Ring Road (b) Proposed Outer Ring Road 3 4 5 6 7 R.O.B.s Flyovers 125 37 km/45m 68 km/100m Widening/Strengthening of existing roads (Five) 2 50.64 km 75 680 5 Num. 1 Estimated Cost (in Cr.) 90 10 Num. 180 Bus Terminals 3 Num. (Phase 1) 2 Num. (Phase2) 60 40 Transport Nagar 1Num. (Phase 1) 1 Num. (Phase2) 40 40 16.5 km (Phase 1) 12.0 km (Phase 2) 1720 1200 Metro Rail Grand Total Land Acquisition Cost for Ring Roads – 325 Cr. Land 325 4250 Regional Linkages Proposed Meerut Expressway Dedicated Rail Freight Corridor Proposed Dadri – Hapur Expressway Proposed Taj Expressway Proposed Ganga Proposed Expressway Major Proposals of NCR Plan - 2021 Major Proposed Western Peripheral Expressway Proposed Outer Ring Road Proposed Delhi-Meerut Expressway Proposed DRFC Proposed Western Peripheral Expressway The proposed Peripheral Expressway under NCR Plan connects it to the proposed Delhi-Meerut Expressway. It will have substantial impact on the infrastructure development in Meerut city. Taj Expressway Proposed Ganga Expressway ...
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