General Psychology 101 - Online Assignment Answers

General Psychology 101 - Online Assignment Answers - #...

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Unformatted text preview: # Answers to Gary Brill's online sakai assigment questions from General Psychology 101 Fall 2007. Which of the following is true about the Research Participation Requirement? If you submit a paper on a research paper at the end of the semester, then you don't have to earn any RPUs. You completed an RPU experiment six weeks ago but no RPUs for that experiment appear on your RPU report. What action should you take to rectify the situation? Contact the experimenter via the RPU web site. The two bookstores that carry the specially-ordered package that includes the textbook and clicker at a special price are: Livingston Bookstore and New Jersey Books The total number of RPUs you can earn for participation in online (web-based) experiments is: 1. According to the position known as determinism, every behavior has a cause. The nature-nurture issue can best be defined as the study of how differences in behavior relate to differences in heredity and environment Psychology is best defined as the study of behavior and experience. Two people with the same psychological disorder seek help--one from a psychiatrist and the other from a clinical psychologist. What is the most likely difference in the way they will be treated? The clinical psychologist will try harder to find treatments that do not require drugs. Who is credited with being the founder of American psychology? William James The first laboratory for psychological research was founded in 1879 by Wilhelm Wundt. To determine whether a theory is parsimonious, we pay attention to the simplicity of its assumptions. A proponent of ESP claims that ESP shows up only when the vibrations are right and that there is no way to know whether the vibrations are right except to see whether ESP shows up. What is wrong with this theory from a scientific standpoint? It is not falsifiable. An investigator repeats the procedures of another researcher's experiment but obtains different results. Scientists would say that the results of the first experiment were not replicable. The word science derives from a Latin word meaning knowledge. Sigmund Freud, the Austrian psychiatrist, attempted to help his patients by analyzing patients' dreams and tracing current behavior to childhood experiences. Women now receive approximately ____ of the doctoral degrees awarded in psychology in the North America and Europe. two thirds Both Calkins and Washburn were famous as prominent women in the early history of psychology. 1 Galton's studies of eminent men and their sons led him to the conclusion that intelligence is inherited. For a time during the 1930s and 1940s Clark Hull was the most influential figure in American psychology. Hull's research focused mostly on maze learning in rats....
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General Psychology 101 - Online Assignment Answers - #...

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