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BookMarkManager 2.1 Shareware Version Author: Edgar M. Hofer email: [email protected] With this tool you can convert your MS-IEXPLORER-FAVORITES to NS-NAVIGATOR-BOOKMARKS and VICE-VERSA !! Installation: There is no extra setup , copy the files from the zip to any place you want and simply start the exe-file or make links of your choice. If you miss a fine setup-code (making icons - where YOU will move it away - and so on. ..), remember: You saved very much time for not downloading my setup-stuff <bg> Release Notes - Version 2.1: Some Bugfix for correct reading of „bookmark.htm“-File. (Special Characters like Slash or Backslash will be converted to: ! ) Converting-Special Options a) Generate new Subfolder If you choose this, the destination will NOT be overwritten. Instead the hole source will be
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Unformatted text preview: inserted in the destination as a new branch. b) MERGE both together This will UPDATE BOTH (NS-Navigator and MS-IExplorer) with the unique links of each other. After choosing this function, you will have the same, merged URLs in your Bookmarks and in your Favorites. Registering: Please look in „register.doc". Please use Albert’s Ambry Online-Registration-Service via the Internet. You can use the unregistered Software only 10 times before it is disabled! Updates/Support: Copyright-Notice: The hole ZIP-File can be published free and without any notification via BBS, Online-Services, Internet, CD-Producer, Book-Applets or what- and however you want!...
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