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Registering BookMarkManager 2.1 ...for US $ 15,-- 1. Copyright-Notice: The hole ZIP-File can be published free and without any notification via BBS, Online-Services, Internet, CD-Producer, Book-Applets or what- and however you want! You can copy and give it away to your friends and so on. .. 2. It’s SHAREWARE - hmm. .. - why to register ? You can use it up to 10 times after - it is disabled and won’t work anymore. So if you like it, register - no other way to use it longer. 3. Online-Registering via Compuserve: GO SWREG # 12429 4. Online-Registering via Internet: The Registered Version of this program can be purchased and received
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Unformatted text preview: immediately on the Internet at Albert's Ambry. Registration at Albert's also eliminates shipping and handling costs. Please go to: Search on: Click on the "Buy It" Hotlink to register this software. Thank you for registering this program. 5. Sending Cash or EuroCheque to: Edgar M. Hofer, A-1220 Vienna, Th.Kramerstr. 7-9/5/4 6. And always: Insert your email-adress (Internet, MSN, or Compuserve) or FAX-# !!! Please support the shareware-concept !...
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