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LS1 Chordate Take Home Assignment Now that you’ve examined skulls in lab, you’ll take the opportunity to examine a wider diversity of skulls using the web. The University of Michigan Museum of Zoology maintains and excellent web site, Animal Diversity Web , dedicated to providing information on the diversity of animal life. We’ll use their site for this exercise. 1. Go to their web site on mammals at: http://animaldiversity.ummz.umich.edu/site/accounts/classification/Mammalia.html#Mammalia The site provides a list of mammal orders (e.g. Order Hyracoidea) listed under some higher order taxonomic divisions (e.g. Subclass Theria). Clicking on an order takes you to a listing of families within the order, clicking on the family takes you to a listing of genera, and so on, allowing you to navigate between taxonomic groupings. Beside each taxon are some symbols Page with text symbol: Links to an information page, if available Camera symbol: links to pictures, if available Skull symbol: links to pictures of specimens, if available
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