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StudyQ_LS1Midterm2 - Study Questions LS1 Midterm 2 Note We...

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Study Questions LS1 Midterm 2 Note: We are not posting answers to the questions below. You should be able to answer them from the class materials. We won’t answer them via email either. We will answer questions on the topics, if you are confused. The questions are intended to help you review concepts. There is other material not covered by these questions. 1. What skeletal characters are necessary for flight in birds? In which of these groups does each appear: dinsosaurs, saurischians, theropods, maniraptorans, Archaeopteryx , modern birds? 2. What are the three types of feathers we observe in modern birds? What are their functions? 3. Which traits associated with flight are found only in birds (including Archaeopteryx )? 4. Why would features associated with the ability to fly appear in ancestors that could not fly? 5. Compare two organisms that differ in size but not shape. If the larger organism is twice as long, how much more surface area does it have? How much more volume? What if the larger organism is 3 times long as the smaller? 6. What are three biological traits that you would expect to scale with surface area under isometry? 7. What are three biological processes you would expect to scale with volume under isometry? 8. Metabolism in mammals has a scaling factor of 2.25. Which consumes more energy per gram, a mouse or an elephant? Which consumes more energy as a single organism, a mouse or an elephant (hint: if you had pet elephant and a pet mouse, which would you buy more food for?)?
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