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LS1W11_Syllabus1231 - LS1 Introduction to Evolution and...

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LS1: Introduction to Evolution and Biodiversity Professor : Dr. Patricia Halpin email : [email protected] Office : Botany 413 Office Hrs : Mon 2:00-3:00, Wed 2:00-3:00, 3:30-4:30, Fri 10-11:00 Lectures : MWF 11-12:00 (Lec 1) 1-2:00 (Lec 2), Lakretz 110 Text : Biological Science, Freeman Course Website: http://www.lsic.ucla.edu/classes/fall11 Enrollment: All questions related to enrollment should be taken to the LS Core office in the Life Sciences 2305 (phone: 310-825-6614). Enrollment changes must be done through URSA. Lectures: Lectures will cover materials in the book as well as ideas not covered by the book. You do not need to bring your book to class. Slides will be posted on the blackboard website. Students are encouraged to take notes in class and later check them against the posted notes. Lectures will be podcast through bruincast ( www.bruincast.ucla.edu ). Labs/Demonstrations: There are ten demonstration sections, one each week. Lab materials will be posted to the class website and must be read before each lab. Starting in Week 2, quizzes on the reading material will be posted online. Lab quizzes will be available from 9:00 AM Sunday until 10:00 PM Tuesday. These are not optional. Each demonstration is two hours long. They will ( 1 ) help reinforce many of the topics you learn in class, ( 2 ) give you the opportunity to see many of the organisms discussed in lecture, and ( 3 ) give you the opportunity to ask questions and think about topics in small groups. Check your course listing to make sure that you are going to the correct demonstration room, either YH 2343 or SH 2870. You must attend the section in which you are enrolled. If there is an extenuating circumstance and you must attend another section once, then you must arrange this with your TA and the TA of the section you would like to attend. At the end of the term, your lowest section grade will be dropped and replaced with your lab participation grade. If you have missed a section for any reason, including illness , that is the section that will be dropped. There are no make-up sections. Your TA will give you his/her contact information in class. The TA’s are: Gary Bucciarelli [email protected] Brittany Enzmann [email protected] Jordan Rosencranz [email protected] Brendan Sullivan [email protected] Mika Watanabe [email protected] Kyle Yamamoto [email protected]
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Course Grading: Midterm 1 180 points
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