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LS1 Spring10 Name & ID________________________ Page 1 of 9 VERSION A • Don’t open your exam until instructed to. • Write your name and student number on every page of the test before handing in the test. You will lose 5 points if you don’t! Enter you name, uid, and which version of the exam you have on the scantron. You will lose 5 points if you don’t! Use a pencil on the multiple choice; pen or pencil on the short answer. • Mark scantrons neatly, one answer per question. Erase changes completely. • Answer written questions in space provided. Do not write on the back, in the margins, or in space allotted for another question. Only answers on the front side of pages will be graded. NO EXCEPTIONS. If you must cross something out and run out of space to answer the question in the space provided, you must request another blank exam page. No electronic devices at your desk, including calculators and cellphones. No food, no bottles with labels. If you need to use the restroom, turn in your exam to a TA. Only one student may leave at a time. You may not leave the room with any electronic devices. Place a check next to your section Wednesday Thursday Friday Slichter 2870 Young 2343 Slichter 2870 Young 2343 Slichter 2870 2A: Asif 12:00 2B: Asif 2:00 2C: Chris 10:00 2E: Chris 2:00 2G: Chris 4:00 2D Andre 10:00 2F: Dan 2:00 2H: Dan 4:00 2I: Dan 9:00 2K: Dan 11:00 2J: Andre 9:00 2K: Andre 11:00 • Good luck! I hereby certify that I have neither given nor received any aid on this exam, and that I have read and understand the instructions above. Sign your name here:_____________________________________
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LS1 Spring10 Name & ID________________________ Page 2 of 9 PUT YOUR NAME ON EVERY PAGE OF THE EXAM BEFORE STARTING. Exam is 180 pts total Part 1 Multiple Choice. 25 questions, 4 pts each 1. The egg of a plant has a haploid chromosome number of 12 (n = 12). What is true about the number of chromosomes in the cells of other tissues of this plant? a. The sperm has 6 chromosomes. b. The leaves and stems have 12 chromosomes. c. The zygote has 12 chromosomes. d. The endosperm has 36 chromosomes. e. All of these answers apply. 2. Which of the following is NOT an advantage that the eukaryotes gain by having organelles? a. Use of cytoskeleton for transport b. Can achieve a smaller size c. Create cellular compartments to optimize chemical reactions d. Products can be transported between specialized organelles 3. Where would you find an endolithic Archaea? a. Deep underground within rocks b. In a hot spring c. In salt pond d. Under a polar ice cap 4. Choose the best combination of pollination agent with the given plant characteristics. a. butterfly- small, flowers that smell of carrion b. moth- bilaterally symmetrical, multi-petal, yellow flowers with sweet smell. c. bat– small, sweet smelling flowers that only bloom at night d. hummingbird– long, tubular flowers open during the day with abundant nectar, but no odor 5. Which of the following features of plants seen in the UCLA Botanical Garden best characterizes adaptation for plants growing in hot, dry, high light environments?
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LS1S10Exam2AKeyCorrected - LS1 Spring10 Name & ID_ VERSION...

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