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LS1 Guidelines for Assignments 1 & 2, Week 1 NOTE: The guidelines for Assignment 1, are those for a general lab assignment, such as the one you will have in week 2. Formatting & Structure Write in the active voice as much as possible, even if this means using the first person 2 pages MAX (not including references) 12 pt standard font (e.g. Times New Roman) Standard 1” side margins Structure each section like a mini-essay with a logical flow of ideas, topic and concluding sentences. Link ideas across sections, especially between your introduction and discussion. The ability to clearly and effectively communicate ideas is critical to success in all fields. Therefore, spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence and paragraph structure and vocabulary all play an important role. If I can’t understand what you’re saying, I can’t evaluate whether you understand the material and your grade will reflect this. Assignment #1 Introduction: Briefly describe the broader context for what we were doing in lab. What is the overall significance? For example, why were we comparing snake scent application (SSA) patterns across squirrel species? What hypotheses and predictions did we test? Please do not answer questions or discuss methods/results here though. 1. Null hypothesis 2. Your hypothesis 3. One prediction (used to test your hypothesis) Remember, a prediction is what result(s) you expect. E.g. We predict that S. beecheyi juveniles will show a higher frequency of snake scent application (SSA)
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ls1guideassignwk1 - LS1 Guidelines for Assignments 1 &...

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