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Unformatted text preview: LS1 Week 3 Demo. Take Home Assignment. In two pages or less (double spaced), write an essay describing how equine morphology changed in relation to habitat from the Eocene to the Holocene. Be sure the essay addresses the following questions. However, do not list the questions in the essay. The essay should be a cohesive narrative (no bullet points). 1. What morphologic characteristics of Hyracotherium suggest that it lived in thick, closed canopy forest? 2. How did the increase in grasslands beginning in the Miocene influence the morphology of horse teeth and jaw? 3. How did the morphology of horse limbs change as they increased in size? 4. Are there any trade-offs in morphology and performance in the evolutionary path seen in horse limbs? As part of your essay, include at least three citations of scientific journal articles. Print out or copy the first page of each and include it with your essay. ...
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