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AnswersQuestion65 - J Ecdysozoan Match the following...

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LS1 Final Study Question Answer 64. ( Answers posted for the following questions only) Match the following organisms with their clade by placing the letter of the clade in the blank next to the organism. If an organism fits into more than one, choose more derived clade (e.g. Protostome over Bilateria). Organism Clade __D___Whale A. Amniote __J___Onychophoran B. Chordate __F___Hymenoptera C. Annelid __G___Ctenophore D. Eutherian __H___Spider E. Rhizaria __E___Foraminifera F. Arthropod __B___Urochordates G. Metazoa __A__Prototherians H. Chelicerate __I __Cephalopods I. Lophotrochozoan __C_ Polychaete
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Unformatted text preview: J. Ecdysozoan Match the following characters to their clades, If an character fits into more than one, choose the more ancestral clade for which the character still fits (e.g. Bilateria over protostome) Character Clade ____D___Trochophore larvae A. mollusks ____C___skull B. chelicerates ____I___Trophosome C. craniates ____F___Setae D. lophotrochozoans ____H___Mesoglea E. hexapods ____G___Water vascular system F. annelids ____J___Notochord G. echinoderms ____A___Mantle H. ctenophores ____E___Spiracles I. vestimentiferans ____B___Eight walking legs J. urochordates...
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