Sani-books assignment - Favorite character in Goal Jonah...

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Favorite character in Goal Jonah Practitioner is my favorite character in Goal due to several reasons. Firstly, he guides Alex about the problems that Alex is facing by using a Socratic approach, which using reasons to solve problem. He does not tell exactly what Alex has to do but the logic behind what he tells Alex is critical. Favorite character in Joe’s Garage My favorite character in Joe’s Garage is Sandy. The reasons that he is my favorite character are, first of all, he has expertise in the field that he works as ME. And he is a good problem solver when unexpected thing happen. And another reason is that even though he does not know some operating management principle as much as Ralph does, he does not hesitate to learn and share ideas between both of them. He is open mind and willing to learn new things from Ralph, which can be considered as…… And I believe that people that have this kind of characteristics can be successful person in the future. Three main ideas of Goal Three main ideas of Joe’s Garage First of all, one of the main idea that this book provides is how to operation work throughout the whole process of manufacturing. The book provided the basic ideas of quality control, cost efficiency, time management, and the process of manufacturing (planning, executing, inspecting, and controlling). Secondly, technology can help people work easily but sometime it can create more complexity to work.
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Sani-books assignment - Favorite character in Goal Jonah...

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