Joe provide envelop package to everyone

Joe provide envelop package to everyone - Utilize computer...

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Joe provide envelop package to everyone (good thing), but people don’t’ understand them? Handing out ME plan to high school kids don’t work. (to proper) Ralph suggested building the shelf one by one, to learn ti improve the process. Nagara, Kaizen, poke-yoke, tqm Joe different goal- ralph goal is Kaizen- continuous improveement Quality control(no department, just proud your own work
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Unformatted text preview: Utilize computer to futher complex the task 1. Planning and implementing(process is more importan) Apply the concept at the right time( using computer to further complex, the line and batch is not the same thing, keep revising the instruction, whilte people ignore it, Joe- too many procedure, keep track of minor error(his son), waste process( movement, waiting time) 2. 3....
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