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TC Practicum 3 Study Guide-1

TC Practicum 3 Study Guide-1 - Practicum Visualization...

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Practicum Visualization!!! Visualize… K, boys and girls, pulling questions out my ass here in case if these are on the test.. 1. Pulmonary/systemic circuits deliver blood to where? Know where to write these if Fig10.2 on p189 2. what’s an Electrocardiogram? Know all the parts to the p-wave, QRS complex and T-wave, label, if any physio question, then p=atrial depo, QRS=ventricular depo with atria repo hidden in back, and Twave means ventric repo. 3. The conduction system of the heart, the electrical activity is traveling from SA to AV node, to the Bundle of His, then right/left bundle branches, and to the Perkinje fibers and up. Label 11.2 p 202 4. Name the device used to measure blood pressure? 120/80 means what over what? a. Sphyg-momano-meter, Systolic/Diastolic 5. Type A blood has what type of antigen and what type of antibody? Which type will type A agglutinate with, why? Why is type AB considered universal recipient? O is really universal donor, explain? 6. Please name the three features on an typical antibody…gummies, layup..zzZZZ… 7. What device did you use to measure respiratory volume, balloon? What’s the graph called? Ok..then what are the 4 Volumes that make up the Total Lung Capacity, ? then the Vital Capacity is easy, right? If you got all that, then I guess you really have to only memorize two more “capacity”….can someone please try to practice at least once..just once, drawing this thing out and label..promise it’ll help, here you go, left some space for you:
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8. P225, fig 12.20, gotta do it, it’s gonna be on for sure, identify the big structures first or organs, then go from there, the lesser are always on top…good luck..yeah, maybe they did use that big one on F12.11 p239 9. K, of the urinalysis, going to make it a little easier for you: In urine Substance you tested for Device you Use to test Abnormal condition associated with pH pH paper Acidosis(low ph) Alkalosis (high ph_ Glucose Clinistix Diabetes Ketones Ketostix Ketoacidosis Blood Hemastix Hematuria, Proteins/Albumin Albustix Albuminuria, Bilirubin Bilistix or Icotest Bilirubinuria, 10. Name of the processes that produce spermatozoa and ovum, respectively. Please tell me you know within which organs these are occurring… a.
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TC Practicum 3 Study Guide-1 - Practicum Visualization...

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