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by Paul Meier, M.D. The following suggestions and information, as discussed on a Meier Clinics radio program, may be of help or interest to you if you have concerns about your sleep or dreams. Please consult with a qualified professional if you have ongoing concerns about your sleep or dreams. ± Go to bed early enough so you wake up naturally before the alarm goes off. You need natural sleep every night to build up your “happy chemical,” serotonin. ± Don’t exercise right before going to bed. Give yourself time to unwind first. ± If you need a sleeping pill, ask you physician about prescribing a non-addicting medication. ± The Bible mentions dreams 150 times and God used dreams in many of His saints. ± King David said that God speaks to us in the night, which means He may choose our dreams to speak to us at times. ± We dream about things we fear, things we wish for, and things that are bothering us of which we are not consciously aware. ± During your dreams, see if you are in control or someone is in control of you.
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Unformatted text preview: For example, are you driving or sitting in the back seat? ± Animals in your dreams may sometimes represent parts of your personality. ± You may have dreams in which you are multiple people. ± If you dream about not completing tasks or being lost, you may be too self-critical, possibly because you had (have) a parent you could (can) never quite do enough for. ± Pray for insight from your dreams. ± We all dream four or five times every night but only remember our dreams when we happen to awaken during a dream. For more on sleep and dreams, please read Chapter Three of Blue Genes by Dr. Paul Meier. This book is a Focus on the Family Resource published by Tyndale House Publishers, 2005 . Sleep and Dreams © 2005 Meier Clinics Compliments of Meier Clinics Foundation 1-888-7 CLINIC For more information about Meier Clinics, call toll free 888-7CLINIC (888-725-4642) or visit us at
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