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RESISTANCE TO CHANGE. Abstract: This paper examines an offer in depth study of resistance to change. Through empirical research, we have analyzed the importance of the sources of resistance to change defined theoretically, also considering both types of changes. We have shown which sources of resistance differ most, according to the scope of change, offering hints about where organizations should pay special attention when initiating a change process. BODY Resistance to change is normal and natural and always happens. In the field of electronics the concept of resistance is well understood. A definition from a dictionary would say that, "Resistance is the opposition of a body or substance to current passing through it, resulting in a change of electrical energy into heat or another form of energy." The heat and the energy are desired and useful but can also create problems. Modifying this definition to apply to change and people it would read, "Resistance is the opposition of people to change passing through them, resulting in energy which can transform or stop progress." Resistance brings energy and that energy is valuable because it can be capitalized upon to aid the change process. I n order to find out what information resistance brings you must be able to move towards and embrace
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resistance. Knowing that resistance is always present you seek it out. This is done in the context of strong working relationships which can sustain some give-and -take. If such relationship do not exist then they must be built. With strong relationships and a clear focus on the goals of the change and the need for discussion then resistance is embraced by trying to bring it out. In
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