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Act 01 Wkst - Name Michael Trejo Activity Number 01 T he...

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Name: Activity Number: 01 Lecture Summary The Internet T he term internet is short for ____________________. The Internet is a ____________________ of ____________________. In 2002 there were over ____________________ million Internet users. T he Internet had its beginnings in ____________________ and was known as ____________________. At that time ____________________ universities housing supercomputers participated in creating a ____________________ computer network that could continue functioning in case of a ____________________. I n 1984 ARAPANET was split into two different networks-ARPANET and ____________________. Three other networks created at this early stage of development were ____________________, ____________________, and ____________________. T he Internet has seen a dramatic increase in the number of computer connected. In 1984 less than ___________________ computers were connected. In 1997 that number increased to ___________________ million host computers. In a span of five years, the number of host computers rose to ____________________ million. T he “face” of the Internet has also seen a dramatic change. In the 1990s, the screen only displayed words (text). This ____________________ interface changed to a ____________________ interface that includes graphics and videos.
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  • Spring '11
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  • World Wide Web, internet service providers, ____________________ interface, universities housing supercomputers

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