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Unformatted text preview: CSIS 150 Textbook Questions NAME: Activity Number: 08 Chapters 3 & 4 Answer the questions below. Your answers must be entered in Blackboard (click Auto-Grade). You may refer to this worksheet when you complete the assignment in Blackboard. 1. Why would someone change the layout to Coder view? In case they prefer to work in code 2. Which Dreamweaver version does the Classic layout option display? CS3 3. Which layout is ideal if you’re a Web designer? Designer 4. You are able to rearrange the panels on the interface. True or False: true 5. Once you select a layout you cannot change it. True or False: false 6. Most of the panels are available from the Windows menu. True or False: 7. What is the function of the Property Inspector? false to view the properties associated with an object selected 8. Where is the Property Inspector located? 9. What does the Align field do? 10. What does the H Space field do? appears when an object is selected to wrap text around an image to create a margin between the image and text 11. Why are fonts offered in groups of three? 12. List two font family (face) options available in Dreamweaver. the fonts that are displayed on a web page are determined by the available fonts on the users computer 1. Arial 2. Helvetica 13. Which Menu option is used to open a panel? window 14. What does the Colors assets panel display? lists all colors used on the site 15. What is the function of Preferences dialog box ? enables you to modify the interface and many default options 16. Why is it ideal to learn XHTML basics? to help you better understand how web design works 17. What is XHTML? is the formatting language used to created web pages 18. What form of XHTML does Dreamweaver CS5 use? XHTML 19. What does the XHTML code tell a Web browser? how to display the text, images and other content 20. What is a tag? basic unit of XHTML CSIS 150 Textbook Questions 21. XHTML tags use square brackets. True or False: false 22. Dreamweaver automatically inserts tags in the code. True or False: true 23. All XHTML tags work in pairs. True or False: true 24. All XHTML tags must have a closing tag. True or False: 25. List the two popular text editors. 1. true notepad 2. simpletext 26. Dreamweaver allows you to type XHTML code. True or False: true 27. What does the Quick Tag Editor allow you to do? to edit code without switching to code or design view 28. Where can you switch to Code view? document window 29. Why should you keep your interface in Split view ? can help you learn XHTML 30. What does the DOCTYPE identify? it was created with XHTML 1.0 Transitional 31. Briefly define each tag. <html>: begin <title>: and end every HTML document display the content that appears in the title bar <body>: all <div>: the content that is displayed in the webbrowser to divide content <p>: separates 32. Which tag inserts images on a Web page? paragraphs of content between images <img src> 33. Why is it ideal to delete redundant tags? to get rid of unused tags 34. Why do empty tags end up appearing in Code view? dreamweaver removes text from within tags but not the tags True or False: true 35. Dreamweaver automatically rewrites invalid HTML code. 36. What information is stored in meta tags? descriptive information about the page 37. Which Menu option accesses the Head tags? html 38. List three ways that influence search engine rankings. 1. keywords 2. description 3. title 39. Dreamweaver CS5 supports all XHTML tags. True or False: false 40. What is found inside the Snippets panel? short pieces of prewritten code and adds space ...
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