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Act 15 Wkst - CSIS 150 Textbook Questions NAME Activity...

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Unformatted text preview: CSIS 150 Textbook Questions NAME: Activity Number: 15 Chapters 5 & 6 Answer the questions below. Your answers must be entered in Blackboard (click Auto-Grade). You may refer to this worksheet when you complete the assignment in Blackboard. 1. What are Headings 1, 2, and 3 usually used for? for titles and subtitles 2. Which heading level is similar to the default text? heading 4 3. Which Heading levels are used for smaller text? 5 and 6 4. How do browsers determine the heading size ? using the default text size 5. How large is Heading 1 in relation with the default text? three times larger 6. Which Windows key creates a line break? enter 7. What can be used to control the width of paragraphs? tables or div tags 8. Which two keys are used for a “partial” paragraph break? shift and enter 9. What does the <blockquote> tag do? indent paragraphs of text 10. What do unordered lists contain? items that are indented or bulleted 11. What do ordered lists contain? items that are indented and numbered or lettered 12. What does the list properties allow you to do with the bullets? to select different bullet styles 13. List three examples of special characters. 1. copyright 2. trademark 3. accent marks 14. What causes some special characters to look strange? not using special html code 15. Which menu allows you to add special characters? insert 16. How can you add accented characters? insert other 21. Dreamweaver allows you to paste text from Word. True or False: 22. You cannot paste text from spreadsheet programs like Excel. True or False: true false 23. List the three popular image formats for the Web. 1. GIF 2. PNG 3. 24. JPEG is ideal for images with limited amounts of color. 25. Which format is ideal for photographs? JPEG True or False: false JPEG CSIS 150 Textbook Questions 26. Why would you want to wrap text around an image? to fit more 27. Where would you find the total size of your web page? status bar 28. How is total size measured? kilobytes 29. What is the ideal size of a Web page? information onto the screen 150kb 30. When would you want to break this sizing rule? for images files 31. Why would you add space around an image? cleaner page layout 32. The H Space and V Space adds space to all sides of an imag e. True or False: true 33. How can you create space on only one side of an image? css margin 34. What does crop do? adjust how much image you want to delete 35. What are pixels? tiny solid-color squares that make up an image 36. What’s the best way to resize an image? use image editor 37. What types of images make good backgrounds? textures, subtle patterns and photo with large open areas 38. What is the advantage of using Web-safe colors? displays well on all computer moniters 39. Where can text color for an entire page be changed? page properties dialog box 40. What is a Flash file? multimedia file that is created with adobe flash 41. What file extension is given to all Flash files ? .swf 42. Where does Dreamweaver save flash files? main site folder in a folder called scripts 43. What file extension is given to Flash Video files? .flv 44. Why should you use compression techniques for Flash Video files? to keep file size small 45. What is a rollover image? images design to react when a cursor rolls over them 46. Which scripting language is used to create rollovers? javascript 47. What is the easiest way to add video a web page ? embed 48. All videos on YouTube can be used on a web page. True or False: true ...
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