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Unformatted text preview: CSIS 150 NAME: Michael Lecture Questions Trejo Activity Number: 7 Getting Started Go over the PDF presentation Act 07. Use the presentation to answer the 17 questions below. 1. List five elements that can be created with Web design software. text, images, animation, sounds, video 2. When Dreamweaver saves a Web page, what file extension is automatically added ? .html 3. Define the following items: Web pages: Collections Servers: Web sites: of text in HTML format and images in special image formats Central computers that store Web pages and are connected to the Internet Collections of related Web pages 4. What are templates? Predefined page layouts 5. List the five objects that can be added using the Insert Bar. Tables and Forms, Images, Frames, AP Dive, Dynamic Objects 6. Looking at Slide 11, which program is ideal for creating applets for a Web page? Javascript 7. Looking at Slide 11, which program is ideal for creating animation? Adobe Flash 8. Looking at Slide 11, which program is ideal for graphic objects for smartphones? Adobe Fireworks 9. What is meant by roundtrip HTML? Opens HTML files created in other programs 10. List the two characteristics of Dreamweaver’s MDI layout. All the windows and panels are integrated into one large window. Panels are docked on the right side of the screen CSIS 150 Lecture Questions 11. List the four “views” available in Dreamweaver. Design View, Code View, Split View, Live View 9. Which view is the best view to design a Web page? Design View 10. Which view is the best view for debugging errors? Split View 11. List six different Web page elements. Text, Graphics, Hyperlinks, Tables, Layers Flash Buttons 12. Most information on a Web page is presented in text. X True False 13. You should fill your Web page with a lot of graphic elements. x True False 14. What is a banner? Graphic that appears across the top of the screen 15. List the three targets of hyperlinks (where can they take you?). A different place on the same Web page A Web page on a different Web site A Web page on the same Web site 16. What are AP Divs? A Page layout tool 17. You need Flash to create Flash buttons for Dreamweaver. x True False 18. Why should you view a Web page in different screen resolutions? Ensures that the page appears attractive for most users ...
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