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Unformatted text preview: CSIS 150 Textbook Questions NAME: Activity Number: 19 Chapter 7 Answer the questions below. Your answers must be entered in Blackboard (click Auto-Grade). You may refer to this worksheet when you complete the assignment in Blackboard. 1. In which panel is the Hyperlink command found ? common 2. Which two text changes appear on a new link? 1. 2. 3. You can create links to other Web sites on the Internet. 4. What must be typed before a web address? True or False: true http:// 5. What does adding _blank to a hyperlink do? creates a link that opens in a new browser 6. Which online site checks to make URLs are working properly? w3c link checker 7. You can use images as links. True or False: true 8. Image links can only be created to link to another page in your web site. True or False: false 9. What must be typed in the link to remove the blue border? 0 10. What is a navigation bar? a collection of links 11. Where are navigation bars usually placed on a web page? 1. top 2. 3. 12. Which cursor indicates that a link image exists? 13. List the two terms used for same-page links. side bottom a hand 1. jump links 2. anchor 14. When is it appropriate to add same-page links? 15. Links can be tested in the Document window . links on long pages True or False: false 16. What should also be added for links to non-HTML files? hotspots 17. What is an image map? hotspots 18. What is a hotspot? define areas of the image 19. List the three hotspot shapes available. 1. rectangular 2. oval 3. polygon hotspots or tab CSIS 150 20. Image maps can be used for geographical maps. Textbook Questions True or False: true 21. Which hotspot tool is ideal for geographical maps? polygon 22. Which button in the Properties inspector can be used for creating links? point to file buttom 23. Why would you want a linked page to open in a new browser window? to keep the previous web page open 24. Which button allows you to create an email link? email link 25. What must you have for an email link to work properly? email program installed 26. Links can automatically be verified in a Web site. 27. Which Menu item checks for broken links? 28. Dreamweaver allows you to change the color of a link. 29. What is the default link color? 30. List the three default link colors. True or False: true browse True or False: true blue Unvisited: blue Visited: purple Rollover: red ...
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