1 Define psychology

1 Define psychology - PSY 101 DE HW1 1 Define psychology....

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PSY 101 DE HW1 1 Define psychology. Answer: The science of behavior and mental processes or the study of the mind. 2 What are pseudosciences? Give several examples. How can these in general negatively affect legitimate sciences? Answer: Any approach to explaining phenomena in the natural world that does not use empirical observation or the scientific method. Some examples are horoscopes, palm readers, fortune tellers, and paranormal claims. The problem with these is that there’s usually no proven evidence for something like horoscopes or fortune tellers. In some cases it can be very dangerous. 3 List four founders of early schools of psychology and state how their ideologies primarily differed from one another’s. Answer: Although Edward Bradford gave it its name, it was Wilhelm Wundt that founded “structuralism”. Its primary ideologies were to uncover the basic structure that made up mind and thought. William James founded “functionalism” which had the belief that mental processes could best be understood in terms of their adaptive purpose and function. Another early school of psychology was “behaviorism” founded by John B. Watson. They sought to make psychology an objective science that focused only on behavior. Finally, “Psychodynamic” was founded by Sigmund Freud. It was a clinical approach emphasizing the understanding of mental disorders in terms of unconscious needs, desires, memories, and conflicts. 4 In what general settings do most modern psychologists work? Answer: some usually work in industry or in private research institutes, sports, prisons, government, churches, colleges, and universities. 5 State five problems in society that could be of great interest to a psychologist from the biological, behavioral, cognitive, developmental, and social perspectives, respectively.
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1 Define psychology - PSY 101 DE HW1 1 Define psychology....

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