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Read 99 DE QOTW6 Although the chapters I’ve read so far in the Langan textbook were extremely helpful; it helped me very little in understanding certain pages in the Baca book because the book was really easy to understand by itself. However, the main idea concept did help me to understand what was going on in certain pages of the book. For example, in page twenty one, Jimmy describes how all the kids in the detention house were stripped of everything, and the only thing they had left was their pride that was distorted, maimed, and twisted. I believed this description of the kids were the supporting detail to the main idea which was how it reminded Jimmy of his brother. I also believed this was an example of how a main idea is not revealed until the end because the supporting details came first before the main idea. Another concept that I noticed in the book was the comparison and contrast idea. There is a part where Jimmy begins to think that he and his father were no different. He begins stating that they were both constantly behind bars
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