COMPARISON - Compare-Cont rast T iger Woods-Gert rude...

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Compare-Contrast Tiger Woods-Gertrude Ederle 20328 HIST 108
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20328 HIST 108 COMPARISON-CONTRAST BIOGRAPHY Gertrude Ederle-Tiger Woods Throughout American history, there have been many men and woman that have become iconic figures to the American people and important figures that gave America a rich and colorful history. From war heroes such as General Dwight D. Eisenhower, to legendary sports payers like Babe Ruth, to civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. it is these kinds of people that have made big impacts in history and inspired many. While there are many figures that made a difference in their time, there are two people in particular that I believe gave people inspiration because of their accomplishment, and proved that gender or race was irrelevant in sports. These two icons are Gertrude Ederle and Tiger Woods. Gertrude Caroline Ederle was an American competitive swimmer. Born in October 23, 1905, was the daughter of a German immigrant who ran a butcher shop in on Amsterdam Avenue in Manhattan; she was born in New York City. In her youth she was known simply as Trudy. When she was young, her father taught her how to swim at a summer cottage the family owned in Highlands New Jersey. By age thirteen, Gertrude had already joined a club and was immediately breaking and establishing new amateur records than any other women in the world. During the 1924 Olympics; she won a gold medal for being part of the U.S. 400 meter freestyle relay team and bronzes medals for finishing third in the 100-meter and 400-meter freestyle races. Although she was heavily favored to win a gold medal for all three events, she was bitterly disappointed in the outcome. Although many of her achievements were remarkable, her most memorable achievement was when she completed the long, hazardous swim across the English Channel. At the time, only five men were able to successfully swim across the channel, but on
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COMPARISON - Compare-Cont rast T iger Woods-Gert rude...

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