HW2 - PSY 101 DE HW2 Child Development 1 What is the...

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PSY 101 DE HW2 Child Development 1 What is the nature-nurture interaction? answer:Long-standing dispute over relative importance of nature (heredity) and nurture (environment) in their influence on behavior and mental processes 2 How are psychologists who take the continuity view of development different from those that take a discontinuity view? 3 Identify the three major stages of the prenatal period Answer: Zygote, Embryo, Fetus 4 What are two different attachment styles infants form with their mothers? Answer: Secure attachment, Anxious-ambivalent attachment 5 What was the result of Harlow’s experiment on contact comfort using monkey subjects? Answer: Harlow found that the contact comfort mothers provide is essential for normal development. 6 What does psycholinguist Noam Chomsky credit for the ability of humans to have language? Answer: that children are born with mental structures-built into the brain- that make it possible to comprehend and produce speech. 7 List Jean Piaget’s stages of cognitive development and the approximate ages children are in at each stage answer: sensorimotor- birth to about age, preoperational- age 2 to age 6 or 7, Concrete Operational- age7 to 11, formal operational- age 12 and up. 8 What is assimilation and accommodation? Answer: Assimilation is a mental process that incorporates new information into existing schemas, accommodation is a mental process that modifies schemas in order to include new information. 9 What important abilities does the infant pick up during its sensorimotor stage?
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Answer: mental representations and object permanence 10 Egocentrism, animistic thinking, centration, and irreversibility are all things children show at the preoperational stage. Define them. Answer: Egocentrism is the self-centered inability to realize that there are other viewpoints beside one’s own.
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HW2 - PSY 101 DE HW2 Child Development 1 What is the...

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