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Assignment Sheet - Professional Communication MGMT 250...

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To: Professional Communicators From: Dorinda Clippinger Date: 09/14/10 Subject: ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY IN APA STYLE Produce a list of references you can use to help solve a client’s overseas expansion problem. The prob- lem involves comparing another city outside the U.S. with Cairo, Egypt . Soon, you and your research team will select the other city from a list. This assignment—which you will do on your own—should include references for both cities , Cairo and the one your team selects. As you likely know, the word annotated means interpret , explain, or make comments on. Thus, under each reference listed in your bibliography, explain or describe the reference: the type of reference it is (for example, book, commercial website, Internet-only article), the type of information it offers, and how that information might be used in comparing Beijing with another city. Follow these guidelines: r Include 12 sources in your annotated bibliography—six for Cairo and six for your team’s other city. Later, team members will combine lists, giving each team a strong start on the research.
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This note was uploaded on 06/06/2011 for the course MGMT 250 taught by Professor Clippinger during the Fall '10 term at South Carolina.

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Assignment Sheet - Professional Communication MGMT 250...

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