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TO: Professional Communicators FROM: Dorinda Clippinger, Lecturer DATE: September 21, 2010 SUBJECT: WRITING PORTFOLIO #1 The first writing portfolio contains two documents: an employment résumé and a cover (employment application) letter . You will prepare both documents in response to an actual job / internship listing you find in a newspaper, journal, or website. Prepare the résumé first; then, the letter to cover or go with it. Each document may contain only one full, single-spaced page . Write tight! Getting Started Use PAIBOC to plan your documents, and put your plans on paper. To start, the general purpose of your cover let- ter is to cause the hiring agent to read your résumé . The general purpose of your résumé: to cause the hiring agent to call you for an interview . Besides general and specific purposes, consider the audiences carefully, along with the other PAIBOC questions. Creating Your Résumé Complete the following steps in order, starting NOW. 1. Find a job / internship listing in your field. Choose a professional position you will qualify for upon gradu- ation, or select an internship to apply for in the meantime. See the University Career Center’s JobMate site, the classified section of The State , your hometown newspaper, or a big-city newspaper, such as The New York Times ; or visit employment websites, such as CareerBuilder. See this week’s Blackboard announcements for a
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This note was uploaded on 06/06/2011 for the course MGMT 250 taught by Professor Clippinger during the Fall '10 term at South Carolina.

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Assignment_Sheet - Professional Communication MGMT 250...

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