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Sample Team Contract - TO: Research Teams FROM: D....

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TO: Research Teams FROM: D. Clippinger, Team Coordinator DATE: September 15, 2010 SUBJECT: TEAM CONTRACT SAMPLE Writing a team contract can help a team shorten the low-productivity stages of team de- velopment called forming and storming . Thus, they can move more smoothly and cer- tainly into the norming stage or even the performing stage. Though student teams generally experience fewer problems than businesspeople in the early stages of team development, they have reported that writing a team contract helped them. The process of creating the contract, they noted, was more valuable than the docu- ment itself, which they rarely referred to after completing it. Review the following sample carefully, and set up your contract similarly; but do NOT copy it. Keep most of the section headings, but add, change, or delete items to fit your team members and situation. Give special attention to the part about handling con- flict . Include specific information for your team rather than vague information that could ap- ply to any team anywhere. In formatting the contract, put a substantial amount of text on the same page as the signa- ture lines (never put signatures on a separate page). Type a team member’s name under each line, like this: ________________________________________ Team Member 1 Name ________________________________________ Team Member 2 Name Naturally, the contract you bring to class should include the signature of each member. For a bonus of up to
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Sample Team Contract - TO: Research Teams FROM: D....

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