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Team Project Worksheet Team Name ______________ Take your time completing all six items below—after completing the Team Organization Guide. Work thoroughly and thoughtfully as carefulness now will pay off later! 1. Describe client’s problem (your words): __________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ _ __________________________________________________________________________. 2. Write your client’s research problem in the form of a specific question. _________________ __________________________________________________________________________? 3. List 15 to 20 or more topics and subtopics ( factors ) that make up the problem for your client: 4. Think carefully about each factor listed in No. 3. Mark (*) those factors that seem crucial to
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Unformatted text preview: solving your client’s problem. Tip: Mark one or two factors per team member. 5. For each marked factor in No. 4 , write several specific questions your research must answer. These questions become the driving force for your research, so spend ample time on this step. (After today as you research, gather only data that offers to answer one of these ques-tions. Then include these questions in the introduction of your formal reports.) 6. Finally, organize the questions (No. 5 ) into an outline of your report (the main section called Findings & Discussion). The final outline / table of contents may differ slightly. As you col-lect answers / data, fill in the outline as you go. Begin gathering data only after your team does all six items thoroughly and thoughtfully!...
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