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Team Report Sample 1 - Introduction In economic times like...

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Introduction In economic times like these, international expansion serves as one of the only current ways to experience business success. Karachi, Pakistan, and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, both serve as strong markets for an expansion location for Endurance Sports. Endurance Sports is looking to expand internationally to either Karachi, Pakistan or Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Endurance Sports is a sporting goods company based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and following a period of strong economic growth, Endurance Sports expanded nationally. Locations included Pittsburgh, Charleston, Orlando, Atlanta, Austin, Los Angeles, Seattle, Detroit, and most recently, San Francisco. These markets each expanded until about a year ago, when the national economy began to slump and the average American began to spend less. Instead of shutting down certain locations, Endurance Sports has already decided it wants to go overseas to reach new markets. It narrowed its choices down to Karachi, Pakistan and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Each location has a unique opportunity to be very successful. Purpose The purpose of this report is to recommend whether Rio de Janeiro, Brazil or Karachi, Pakistan is a more promising location to open up a new branch for Endurance Sports. Alpha Research Team narrowed its research to focus on: Economic Factors and Stability Industry Forecasts Market Preferences Competition and Endorsements Infrastructure Laws and Regulations Each topic will be discussed in detail and analyzed in order to help Endurance Sports choose a city for overseas expansion. The information for this report was obtained from government websites, private organization websites, and article databases.
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2 Methods The information used in this report to compare Rio de Janeiro and Karachi was found through government websites, private organization websites, and article databases. Since Endurance Sports already selected the cities, Alpha Research Team began its research by identifying the main areas to be researched. The team chose six specific topics to be the scope of its research. The researchers then divided up the topics among the members of the research team. Each member researched and analyzed his/her topic thoroughly, then reported back to the lead consultant, who analyzed and compared the information in order to make recommendations. The lead consultant submitted the recommendations with the other team members for approval. Scope In this report, the researchers will look at how economic factors such as gross domestic product, unemployment, growth rate, and leading industries will play a role in the economies of Karachi and Rio de Janeiro. The researchers will also look at the stability of the economies to determine if they will continue to grow or if they will decline in the near future.
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