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Team Report Sample 2 - 1 Introduction With the American...

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1 Introduction With the American economy in its current condition, international expansion is one way for a business to achieve a new level of success. A report from IBISWorld says, “Imports into the sporting goods industry from overseas suppliers (particularly China) have steadily been replacing domestic production” (Sporting & Athletic, 2009). Accordingly, the trend of expanding over- seas is increasing and may be essential for a company’s survival. To remain competitive, Nalgene has decided to take this initiative. It already has established locations in Canada, Europe, Singapore, and Japan. Beijing, China, and Cairo, Egypt are two prospective locations for international expansion. Purpose The purpose of this report is to provide conclusions and recommend Beijing, China, or Cairo, Egypt, as the better location for Nalgene to import its products based on research findings. Nu Way Research narrowed its research to focus on: Economic status Laws and regulations Infrastructure Competition Consumers and consumption
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2 Each topic will be discussed in the following sections to compare Beijing and Cairo. Methods The information used in this report was obtained through government websites, private organization websites, article databases, and research books. Nalgene decided which cities would be researched; then NuWay Research determined which factors would be important. The team divided the chosen topics among members who independently researched each factor. Once research was completed, the team sent the information through two reviewers who refined the document. The whole team collaborated on the recommendations. Scope The scope of this report entails the determination of the better city in which to set up an import network. Economic factors such as exchange rates and gross domestic product along with ease of doing business rankings and corruption rankings were examined. Also, the nature of import procedures in both China and Egypt were analyzed to help decide which country is more accessible from the U.S. NuWay Research investigated the laws and regulations connected with starting a business to increase awareness about legal processes. If a company seeks to expand into another country, it must consider complexities and the steps required to enter that country. Additionally, it must avoid conflicts that could hinder its expansion. Infrastructure is an especially important factor. Not only must Nalgene determine how to transport it goods, but it also must figure the costs of shipping its goods overseas. Government prerogatives play a large role in knowing if the product will reach its destination on time and in a good condition. Whether the industry can support a new competitor was an aspect that NuWay Research
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Team Report Sample 2 - 1 Introduction With the American...

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