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Team Report Sample 3 - Introduction LIFT Sportswear Inc is...

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Introduction LIFT Sportswear, Inc. is looking to expand to a region outside the U.S. The com- pany’s product is a high profile sportswear line, which has proved to be a success in the U.S. Despite the success of the business, they have decided to expand outside the country in order to find a manufacturing facility that will increase their annual profits. LIFT Sportswear has requested the help of Rho Consulting to research two cities which the company has previously chosen. The features required are a good location within the city and an accessible transportation method. These factors will allow LIFT Sportswear an increase in profit as well as recognition abroad. Rho Consulting has been asked to research the two cities of Dubai, United Arab Emirates and Hong Kong, China; these locations are port cities with accessible trans- portation for goods and massive transit of people. To reach a conclusion and offer an accurate recommendation, Rho Consulting has divided its research into four areas: 1) location; 2) transportation accessibility; 3) costs related to expansion; and 4) laws and regulations associated with an American company moving abroad. Purpose The purpose of this report is to recommend a location abroad for the expansion of a manufacturing plant by LIFT. The company required that there be a location within the city for the plant as well as an available transportation method. Rho Consulting has narrowed its study to focus on: Location Transportation Costs Laws and Regulations Each topic will be covered and extensively researched to provide LIFT with the best recommendation for expansion. The information in this report was obtained through government websites and electronic databases.
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Methods The information used to compare the conduciveness of expansion to Dubai and Hong Kong was found in government websites and electronic databases. Since the cities had been pre-selected, the team began its research by narrowing down the scope to four specific areas, two of which were already pre-determined require- ments. Each of the categories: location, transportation, costs, and laws and regulations were given to four of the team’s best research consultants. Each consultant thor- oughly analyzed the assigned sections. The group met on several occasions to ensure that the studies were effective and cohesive. Following the completion of the re- search, we brought in our lead consultant to analyze and compare the information. The team was informed on the conclusions and recommendations, which were then researched further and voted on. Scope The project assigned to Rho Consulting was to analyze two cities, one of which would essentially be more conducive to the expansion of a manufacturing plant by LIFT. The two required features for each city included a specific location for the fa- cility and an accessible mode of transportation. The team also researched two addi- tional aspects of expansion, costs and laws and regulations. LIFT was initially interested in the cities of Dubai and Hong Kong. They enlisted the
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Team Report Sample 3 - Introduction LIFT Sportswear Inc is...

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