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Team Report Sample 4 - 1 Introduction Consider all the...

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1 Introduction Consider all the businesses in the world today that are hurting financially. With a suffering economy, expanding a company overseas is one of the best and only ways to continue the success of a business. Hole in the Middle, is considering expanding to Beijing, China, or Tokyo, Japan. Both of these cities have robust markets to potentially benefit Hole in the Middle. Hole in the Middle was founded in 1963 and specializes in donuts, and fine pastries with a unique coffee selection. Its headquarters are in New York City and the company has expanded to over 25 other locations in the United States. Some of these locations include Atlanta, Cincinnati, Denver, Nashville, Charlotte, San Francisco, and Boston. The company has reached its market potential in the United States and is looking to expand overseas to increase profit before the suffering economy has the chance to hurt our business. With the recent declining economy, Hole in the Middle does not want to be forced to shut down. With much thought, Hole in the Middle has decided to take its company overseas to reach new markets. After researching potential cities overseas, Beijing, China, and Tokyo, Japan are our final two options. Each location offers success with great new opportunities for Hole in the Middle. Purpose The purpose of this report is to recommend whether Beijing or Tokyo would serve as a more profitable location with the most potential of new opportunities and growth for Hole in the Middle. Alpha Research Team’s research will focus on: Economic Factors Market Share Laws and Regulations Culture Demography Competition Workforce
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2 Each topic will be discussed and analyzed using facts, statistics, and comparison charts in order to help Hole in the Middle pick the best city for overseas expansion. The information presented in this report came from government websites, article databases, printed reference works, and magazine articles. Scope In this report, the members of Alpha Research Team will look at general economic and industry conditions such as domestic economic indicators: inflation rate and money supply, international economic indicators: currency exchange rate and exports and imports, and social indicators: population and work force. This will allow our research team to see which of the two locations’ economies is more stable and beneficial for Hole in the Middle. In addition, it is important to recognize other competing industries Hole in the Middle will have to compete with overseas. Whether they are local companies specific to each city, or internationally known companies such as Starbucks, the researchers will look at the market share of its competitors to determine ways Hole in the Middle can gain a sizable market share in the new market. When considering the overseas expansion of Hole in the Middle, Alpha Team Research
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Team Report Sample 4 - 1 Introduction Consider all the...

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