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Unformatted text preview: HW 3 solution 1 a) The histogram looks symmetric indicating a bell shaped distribution. Thus the variable GPA 12th can be considered as normally distributed. b) From the graph above, as the values of English score increase the values the 8th grade GPA seems to be increasing as well. This indicates there is approximately positive relationship between English score and 8th grade GPA. c) The same relationship exist between English score and 8th grade GPA as in part (b) . The difference between levels of the foreign language is not clear from the graph but we can observe that for students who have GPA between 2.0 and 2.5 , the English score seem to be higher for domestics students compares compared to foreign student. d) The box plot indicates student who learn foreign language seems to have higher English score on average. However the difference might not be statistically significant. e) The pie chart indicates more people do not take foreign language. f) According to the plot, Math scores appear to be higher on average compared to English score. 2 a) The above graph indicates there is no interaction between year and quarter. There intersection at the beginning part of the graph could be attributed to the random variation in the data. c) 3 According to the graph, the lines intersect indicating there is an interaction but statistically this interaction is not significant. ...
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