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More exercise problems for Chapter 7 1. A home baker decides to experiment with dough conditioners for yeast bread. She has gluten flour, barley malt extract, and potato starch as the three treatments. The response variable is time to double in bulk, for the second rise. She adds a control group with no conditioner for comparison. She will make bread every day for 32 days, rotating through treatments, so that there are eight days for each of the four treatment groups. The file doughrise1.txt has the doubling times for the 32 loaves along with the dough conditioner used. The dataset doughrise2.txt has the room temperatures for each day. (a) Convert both the .txt files into SAS datasets and merge these two SAS datasets called doughcombo . Create recognizable abbreviations for the four additives and use Proc format to rename 1, 2, 3, 4 to their respective abbreviations. These names
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Unformatted text preview: should appear in your merged data instead of 1, 2, 3 and 4. Build one SAS macro that has the following form and produces the results for (b) ‐ (d): % getproc (data=doughcombo, proc=procedure ‐ name, y=time, x=temp, type=add); quit ; (b) Produce the mean of the rising times for the different conditioners. (c) Are there significant linear relationship between the rising times and the temperature? Use α = 0 . 05. (d) Is there difference in mean rising times between different conditioners? Use Use α = 0 . 1. Also, conduct a Tukey’s pairwise comparison. 2. Central Limit Theorem (a) Generate U(0,1) with sample size 2, and calculate the average. Repeat this 100 times and draw the histogram of the 100 averages. (b) Build a Macro that takes the sample size and the number of repetitions as arguments and do the same task in part (a)....
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