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Project 1 - STAT 4/6360 Project 1 Due 2:30 pm April 4 2011...

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Unformatted text preview: STAT 4/6360 Project 1 Due 2:30 pm, April 4, 2011 Instruction: 1. You must copy and edit your outputs, and type your answers in a word file. Submit a HARD COPY (preferably two-sided). 2. You also need to send all your SAS code in a single .sas file to me ([email protected]). Please name the file as follows: Also, please keep the code in one file and using with proper comments. 4. You CANNOT work together on any of the questions below. 5. If the SAS code is all you hand in, with no output result or no explanation/discussion of your output results, you will not receive full credits for the questions! 6. You are required to write the following Honor code at the beginning of this project: I have neither given help nor received one from anyone . Problem 1 (30 points) The data ( fuel1.XLS, fuel2.XLS ) come from Weisberg, S. (1985) Applied Linear Regr ession , Wiley. For 48 contiguous states, a number of variables were recorded in 1971-2: id: observation id pop : 1971 Population, in thousands tax : 1972 Motor fuel tax rate, in cents per gallon nlic : 1971 Thousands of licensed drivers inc : 1972 Per capita income in thousands of dollars road : 1971 Thousand of miles of federal-aid primary highways fuelc : 1972 Fuel consumption, in millions of gallons dlic : 1971 Percentage of population with driver’s license fuel (response): Motor fuel consumption in gallons per person (a) (5 points) Import two excel files and convert them into a SAS dataset. Merge two data sets and create a new SAS data set called fueldata . (b) (5 points) Discuss a multicollinearity problem (correlation, VIF,…)....
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Project 1 - STAT 4/6360 Project 1 Due 2:30 pm April 4 2011...

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