normal_simMacro - dm 'log;clear;output;clear;'; options...

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dm 'log;clear;output;clear;'; options ps=50 ls=75 pageno=1; goptions reset=all border ftext=swiss gunit=cm htext=0.4 htitle=0.5; options mprint symbolgen mlogic; o *********************************************************************; ** **; ** COURSE: STAT 6360 **; ** PURPOSE: Illustrate use of do loops and if then using simulated **; ** data from a normal distribution **; *********************************************************************; * **********************************************************************; ** **; ** NAME: MACRO EXAMPLE **; ** PURPOSE: Simulates 10 different data sets from a normal dist. **; ** For each data set, the standard deviation changes **; ** NOTES: Notice how the data are accumulated in the save set **; ** VARIABLES: **; ** **; **********************************************************************; * %MACRO EXAMPLE; % *create an empty data set to save the results in; data save; set _null_; run; %DO i = 1 %TO 10; data set&i; do j = 1 to 1000; *Example with call rannor instead of normal(), they do about the same
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This note was uploaded on 06/06/2011 for the course STAT 4360 taught by Professor Park during the Spring '11 term at UGA.

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normal_simMacro - dm 'log;clear;output;clear;'; options...

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