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dm 'log;clear;output;clear;'; options ps=50 ls=75 pageno=1; o *********************************************************************; ** COURSE: STAT 6360 **; ** PURPOSE: Show how to read in a data set and print it **; *********************************************************************; * *The following title will appear as the first line of every page in the output window; title1 'STAT 6360'; t *Read in the data set from a text file into a SAS data set called scores; data scores; infile 'K:\6360\SASdata\scores.txt' firstobs=2;
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Unformatted text preview: input aptitude statistics; run; r data SASdata.scores; set scores; run; r title2 'Scores data set'; proc print data=scores; run; r quit; q data sasdata.scores; infile 'K:\6360\SASdata\scores.txt' firstobs=2; input aptitude statistics; run; r data SASdata.scores2; input aptitude statistics; datalines; 95 85 85 95 80 70 70 65 60 70 ; run; r data sasdata.scores_names; infile 'K:\6360\SASdata\scores_names.txt' firstobs=2; input name $ gender $ aptitude statistics; run;...
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This note was uploaded on 06/06/2011 for the course STAT 4360 taught by Professor Park during the Spring '11 term at UGA.

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