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ACCOUNTING 203 on-line As with all your Assignments sheets, you should save them to your computer and then print them. This will provide a ready reference for the required work. The process for saving files and printing them is as follows: Right mouse click on the link Select “Save Target As” Follow the dialog boxes to save the file to your computer Open the file with the appropriate program (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) Orientation Assignments: Highline Community College Learning Management System: ANGEL Brief Tour The Highline IT help desk has complied a useful set of resources associated with ANGEL and can be used to become familiar with the learning resource. Some of the features are reviewed below: Angel Icons (at left of Angel page) The top icon (a house) is the Home page and will take you to a listing of all the courses in which you are enrolled, including this one. The second, question mark icon, is the Help icon. Use it to find out more about some particular function of Angel. The third, circle icon with the line break at the top, is to logout of Angel The fourth, head icon, sets your preferences. Of primary importance, it is also where you enter your own personal information. This is the information that will be accessible from the Roster. Your picture here earns full participation points! The fifth, bubble icon, launches instant messenger. Angel tabs (across the top of Angel page) Course : This is the opening page of your course when you login to Angel. It contains Announcements and information on the status of your course mail box. Calendar : The calendar provides a summary way to see what’s coming up and note Module closing dates. Lessons : This is a primary section of Angel. It contains all 10 learning modules plus an orientation assignment. Click on Module One and you will see a link to Chapter One. Clicking on that link will bring up a quick chapter summary. Clicking on the Chapter One heading will open the narrated PowerPoint presentation. The link marked CONNECT below the chapter description will open up your CONNECT logon page and allow you to get started with the Chapter work. Resources: This tab’s primary content is course related documents and links to areas of interest.
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Introduction_Orientation_Assignments-Ang - ACCOUNTING 203...

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