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Quiz+-+Chapters+5+and+6 - 1 When the level of activity...

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___________________________________________________________________________ 1. When the level of activity increases within the relevant range, how does each of the following change? A. Choice A B. Choice B C. Choice C D. Choice D 2. Which costs will change with a decrease in activity within the relevant range? 3. An example of a discretionary fixed cost is: 4. Contribution margin is the excess of revenues over:
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5. Tempcon, Inc. sells and installs furnaces for $3,000 per furnace. The following cost formula relates to last year's operations at Tempcon: Y = $125,000 + $1,800X If Tempcon sold and installed 500 furnaces last year, what was its total contribution margin last year? A. $475,000 B. $900,000 C. $1,025,000 D. $600,000
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