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Essay 1: Discuss one of the three theoretical perspectives (functionalism, conflict theories, symbolic interactionism), and apply it to people’s behavioral change because of the economic recession in the U.S. (and/or the world). Paper: Using Sociological perspective to discuss how the economic recession has affected people’s life in America or elsewhere. Apply any of the three sociological theoretical perspectives to your discussion. 1. 4-6 pages, double space. 2. Three citations from at least two sources. (follow the citation format in the textbook). Suggestions for the paper: 1. You need to first choose a theory and discuss that theory (refer to Chapter 1 and other external resources). For example: functionalism examines how parts are interrelated and contribute to the system operation; it also emphasizes the role of shared values under which people act. Any change in one part leads to adaptation and change in other parts and even the system. Conflict theories focus on inequality that results from competition for scarce resources like income and wealth, power and prestige. The system may be faulty in creating and developing social problems which often are part of individual problems. Changing or reforming the system is seen as among the best solutions to the problems. Symbolic interactionism as a micro-level analysis looks at how realities seen in the eyes of individuals shape people's attitudes and behavior. Any change in behavior is a result of people's interpretation of the realities. Communications, symbols, meanings are the key to understanding the world and their own life. 2. The second part of the essay should be related to any changes in people's life that can be explained by any of these theories. You do not have to include all of the major components of the theories under discussion. Selecting one or two propositions of the theory and applying them to the problem (change) are acceptable. You need to identify what changes have taken place because of the economic recession (e.g. spending, saving, jobs, expectations, family life, etc.).
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Paper - Essay 1 Discuss one of the three theoretical...

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