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Points Awarded 20.00 Points Missed 0.00 Percentage 100% 1.  Which theory sees social stratification as a system which provides incentives to people?  A) Functionalism. B) Symbolic interactionism. C) Social Exchange theory. D) Conflict theory. Points Earned:  2.0/2.0  2.  Caste systems: A) require that people marry within their own category B) assign people to certain types of work. C) discourage social contact between people of.different castes. D) All of the above are correct. Points Earned:  2.0/2.0  3.  The term "meritocracy" refers to social stratification: A) as found in the United States. B) with no social mobility. C) in which people "know their place." D) based entirely on personal merit. Points Earned:  2.0/2.0  4.  Which of the following factors affect social class standing in the United States? A) our race
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Quiz 4 - SubmittedbyMai,Hang(hangmai)on11/19/20095:01:13PM...

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