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English 91/98 Shimabukuro Mind Map for Donna Beegle Essay (Fill this out completely or you can’t take the 20 pt quiz on Monday) One recurring theme in Beegle’s essay is the impact of poverty on one’s education. To get a clearer sense of what you says about this impact, I’d like you to fill out a “mind map,” a kind of tool to help you engage with a piece of reading. In the boxes below, briefly describe in your own words (use phrases, short sentences) what the different stages of or people in Beegle’s life showed her about poverty or education or the impact of poverty on education: Childhood (birth through teen years) -She was born in a family stay at the minimum wage. -Her family members worked follow the fruit seasons but still being out of house and going hungry at anytime. -Nobody in her family has studied through eighth grade. -In her mind, study was stress and school was not for her. Motherhood -She dropped out of school get married with her husband at fifteen years old. -Her first baby –Joyce Marie was born after she turning
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Mind_Map_for_Donna_Beegle_Essay2 - English 91/98...

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