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AFINA 4810/6810 (SP2011) International Finance Terry College of Business 9:30-10:45AM Tues/Thurs 213 MLC Professor C. Michael Hamilton 432 Brooks Hall "I will be academically honest in all of my academic work and will not tolerate academic dishonesty of others." UGA Student Honor Code Master Syllabus Elements: a) FINA 4810/6810 – International Finance b) Course description – International business decision making emphasizing the effects of internationalized financial and non-financial markets. Exchange rate analysis, hedged cost of funds, economic exposure and management, capital budgeting, financial and corporate strategy, and the evaluation of international risks and returns. c) Prerequisites, corequisites, and cross-listings for the course prerequisites for FINA 4810 are FINA 3000 and (MSIT 3000 or STAT 3000). d) Course objectives or expected learning outcomes – This course focuses on international business decision making emphasizing the effects of internationalized financial and non- financial market. Topics include exchange rates and the international parity conditions, international financial markets, exchange rate analysis, currency risk management, capital budgeting and financial and corporate strategy. e) Topical outline International Financial Environment Financial Markets and Instruments 1
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International Financial Management f) University Honor Code and Academic Honesty Policy As a University of Georgia student, you have agreed to abide by the University’s academic honesty policy, “A Culture of Honesty,” and the Student Honor Code. All academic work must meet the standards described in “A Culture of Honesty” found at: . Lack of knowledge of the academic honesty policy is not a reasonable explanation for a violation. Questions related to course assignments and the academic honesty policy should be directed to the instructor. g)
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FINA4810_6810-Ham_SP11_930 - AFINA 4810/6810 (SP2011)...

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