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Derivative Security Markets FINA 4320/6320 Derivatives Trading Game -- Spring 2011 Initial Trading: Monday, January 24 Ending Date: Friday, April 22 Report Due Date: Thursday, April 28 Instructions : Each group will be assigned an account on StockTrak from which they can make near real-time trades. Through StockTrak, you can trade stocks, stock options, mutual funds, index options, futures, and bonds. Our focus will be on options. You have a starting value of $100,000 cash in your account. You should read the trading rules that are available online at . Note that StockTrak will pay a money market interest rate on your cash balance. Also note that you have a 200 trade limit (a buy and sell of the same security at different times counts as two transactions). Your account will be charged a modest transaction fee for each trade. All information about trading and account rules is available at: . You can find the course at p=FINA4320sp11 The cost will should be $28.95 per group, less any discount you get from being a user of the Chance/Brooks text. I highly recommend that you pay by credit card/ debit card for convenience and to get your account turned on quicker. Your primary objective is to increase the value of your portfolio. Since we are focusing on options, your positions are likely to be highly risky unless you are trying to setup low risk hedge
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stocktrakS11_instructions - Derivative Security Markets...

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