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FINA4210 April 20 2011 - Eskimo Pie presentation I I 1...

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Unformatted text preview: Eskimo Pie presentation I I 1. “2/20” Venture capital fi rm. 2% of committed capital plus 20% of positive returns made per year. 2. Hedge funds are more looking for derivatives, secondary offering. And p rivate equity fi rms look more into companies. 3. Leveraged buyout (LBO) is more often taken by the management team t akes the company private. 4. Syndicate – a group of underwri ters who jointly underwri te and d istribution a security issuance. (It’s about r isk management, but i t’s not as important as it used to be b/c now the companies have more i nformation about IPO.) 5. Cyclicality ...
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