Table 4.1_real estate - plot y*(x1 x2 x3) x1*(x2 x3) x2*x3;...

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OPTIONS PS=62 LS=66 nodate; O DATA CLSROLL; /* this is table 4.1 in the textbook*/ INFILE 'N:\6230\6230data\Chap4\realestate.dat' expandtabs; INPUT num y x1 x2 x3; PROC PRINT Data=CLSROLL; P proc plot data=CLSROLL; plot (y x1 x2 x3)*(y x1 x2 x3); proc gplot data=CLSROLL;
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Unformatted text preview: plot y*(x1 x2 x3) x1*(x2 x3) x2*x3; p PROC REG; MODEL y= x1 x2 x3/p r clb cli clm; plot y*p.; PROC REG; model y=x1 x2 x3; a1: test x2=x3=0; a2: test x2,x3; a3: test x2=0,x3=0; a4: test x2=x3; a5: test x2=x3=1; a6: test x2+x3=1; RUN;...
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