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Descriptive Statistics3 - Announcements Skipm.andn(plots...

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1 Descriptive Statistics 3 4/6/2011 Announcements Chapter 11 HW due Friday Skip m. and n. (plots) Bring calculators from now on Central Tendency Compute the mode, median, and mean for each of these data sets: Data set #1 Data set #2 i Y i Y 15 1 1 25 2 4 35 3 5 45 4 5 55 5 1 0 Central Tendency Data set #1 Mode = 5 Median = 5 Mean = 5 Data set #2 Mode = 5 Median = 5 Mean = 5 Clearly, the two data sets are not identical But central tendency belies the truth Other measures of dispersal Standard Deviation and Variance Measures of dispersion around the mean.
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2 Mean Absolute Deviation Average distance of observations from mean. 1. Calculate mean. 2. Subtract the mean from each observations value. 3. Take the absolute values of those. 4. Add up the differences. 5. Divide by n (number of observations).
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Descriptive Statistics3 - Announcements Skipm.andn(plots...

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