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Hypotheses - • In other words clearly express your...

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2/2/2011 1 Hypotheses 2.2.2011 Testing Theory Theories have to be empirically verified or falsified in a systematic, unbiased way. Hypotheses Ttb l di ti f th H H t Testable predictions from theory H 1 , H 2 , etc. Null hypotheses H 0 Hypotheses Empirical statement derived from theory. Should Be clear, simple, explicit Specify type and direction of causation Have comparison Have only one prediction
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Unformatted text preview: • In other words, clearly express your prediction from theory and be falsifiable. Observation • Verb and noun • Noun ‐ single case of observation, single data point, n • Value connected to observation • Observations ‐ collections of cases • Data: collection of cases and attached values....
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