Measurement - 2/16/2011 NominalVariables Measurement...

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2/16/2011 1 Measurement 2.9.2011 and 2.11.2011 Nominal Variables Simplest classification. Each value of the variable is a different category or classification. No order involved. Examples – Gender–ma le, female Region – northeast, southeast, midwest, etc. Ordinal Variables Values have some type of order. Have more or less of some attribute. Most common in political science. Examples – Partisan Identification–“strong Democrat”… “strong Republican” Education–“No high school” … “graduate degree” Interval Variables A continuous variable where the distance between values has meaning. “0” is arbitrary–doesn’t mean attribute doesn’t exist doesn t exist. Examples – Temperature Dates Ratio Variables Essentially the same as interval variables. Except here “0” actually means that attribute doesn’t exist. Examples – Most economic indicators: income, unemployment rates, etc.
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Measurement - 2/16/2011 NominalVariables Measurement...

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